05 November 2021

Just like your windows transform your home, allowing the light in whilst keeping the elements out, the hatches on your yacht do the same role.

Saltwater, sand and extreme weather can take their toll and as sailors, we like to keep elements out, perhaps it’s time to check your hatches and portlights. Did you know that in addition to increasing light and creating a new look, modern moonlight hatches offer a number of benefits?

1. Larger more powerful glass frames secure tightly over the inner frame, staying firmly closed when sailing in extreme seas.
2. Handles and hinges are made of an impact resistant ABS material with powerful O-rings holding the handles tightly in position.
3. A flexible inner frame provides a sympathetic cover on the inside of the deck.
4. No dangerous isocyanates and binds on degreased materials above and below the water.

For more than 30 years, Moonlight has worked to establish itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of marine hatches and portlights for motor and sailboats. From concept through to design and careful selection of materials, to the finishing touches and shipment, Moonlight controls everything in-house.

What’s even more impressive is that you can replace your old leaky deck hatch with a new dry and modern style one in a few simple steps. Find out more here